In a bid to address the rampant misuse of agro-chemicals by farmers in Ghana, about 80 members of the Osino Citizens Committee Network (CiCoNet) gathered at Asiakwa in the Abuakwa South Municipality for an enlightening workshop.

The meeting, facilitated by Advocates for Community Alternatives (ACA), aimed at educating participants on the proper use of agro-chemicals and sustainable farming practices.

The continuous application of agro-chemicals by farmers has become a norm, with many unaware of the devastating effects on human health and the environment. Some farmers fail to read instructions on the chemicals, endangering their lives and those of others.

ACA’s Science Advisor, Dr. Kwabina Ibrahim, delved into the negative effects of agro-chemicals, including respiratory and skin problems, reproductive and nervous system damage, cancer risks, and cognitive impairment. Through a PowerPoint presentation, he demonstrated the dire consequences of improper use and emphasized the need for personal protective gear.

He introduced participants to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and organic farming methods, offering a holistic approach to farming without relying on agro-chemicals. These alternatives promote better yields and a healthier environment.

The workshop received an overwhelmingly positive response, with participants expressing gratitude for the knowledge gained. “I’ve learned a lot today, and I realize we need to be mindful of how we apply agro-chemicals. We’ll share this knowledge with our families and community members,” remarked Mr. George Asante, the out-going Osino CiCoNet Chairman.

The workshop empowered the Osino CiCoNet members to adopt sustainable farming practices, ensuring a healthier future for themselves, their communities, and the environment.