Simandou Aware

This temporary webpage provides access to accurate and up-to-date tools on the Simandou project.
Simandou Project: Risks and impacts on water resources

Large-scale mining projects consume enormous amounts of water, disrupting the quality of water essential to the survival of frontline communities and biodiversity. This alert summarizes the risks and impacts of the Simandou mining project on water resources, and makes recommendations to the government and mining companies for inclusive and concerted management.

    Simandou Project: Risks and impact on climate change.

    Guinea is already feeling the effects of global climate change, that will only be exacerbated by greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation involved in large-scale mining projects such as Simandou. This alert note sums up the risks and impacts of the project on climate change and provides clear recommendations to companies to ensure their operations are consistent with Guinea’s climate commitments.

    Simandou project: Risks and impacts on biodiversity

    Guinea’s exceptional biological diversity is under increasing threat from human activities, including major mining projects such as the Simandou project. This alert summarizes the risks and impacts of the project on biodiversity, and proposes effective prevention and mitigation measures to protect ecosystems.

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