Fifty residents of the villages of Donkro Nkwanta, Kyeredeso, Nwoase, and Salamkrom have completed their fourth month of activities through the Citizens Community Network, or CICONET.  As part of their commitment to engage with local authorities and practice active citizenry, CICONET members have learned how local government works, hosted Town Hall Meetings with government officials, and chosen advocacy projects to improve their communities’ governance.


CICONET began in April 2018 with a keynote address from the Municipal Chief Executive of Nkoranza South Municipality, Ghana, Ms. Diana Ataa-Kusiwaa.  Since that time, the network members have met monthly and learned to interact with local and traditional government leaders.  They have held the Municipal Assembly to account for incorporating their own community development vision into Nkoranza South’s Medium-Term Development Plan, exercised oversight over development projects in the area, and communicated community grievances in a positive and constructive way.


Through CICONET, community members have also developed the solidarity and confidence to advocate on their own behalf with their leaders.  Most recently, they decided to tackle a land dispute with the traditional chief of one of the four villages.  The participants developed and put into practice an assertive but culturally appropriate strategy to ensure that community land is used and governed appropriately.