Residents of Bosuso, a farming community in the Fanteakwa South district, are anxiously waiting for the successful completion of a soap-making factory in the town to turn their economic fortunes around.

They have no doubt that the project, when completed, will offer both direct and indirect jobs to several thousands of people in the area, especially women and the youth.

The people of Bosuso, led by their chief, Nana Atta Krofa, are taking advantage of an existing palm-oil factory in the area, to put up a soap-making factory to make full use of the residue of the palm-oil factory.

The residues of the palm-oil factory, especially the palm-kernel, which currently go waste will soon become the major raw material to produce a variety of soap, hence the resolve by the community members to vigorously pursue this laudable project to a successful end.

The Bosuso community has so far spent $5,250 (Gh.c 62,995) on this project out of its $9,000 microgrant advanced jointly by the Fanteakwa South District Assembly and Advocates for Community Alternatives (ACA), a non-profit-making organisation, which helps West African communities that are threatened by the destructive impacts of extractive projects to take control of their futures.

The soap-making factory, which is expected to turn around the economic fortunes of the local community, is being executed under the Facilitated Collective Action Process (FCAP), a partnership between the district assembly and ACA as part of measures to strengthen local participation in the implementation of the Assembly’s medium term development plan.

“We’ve really gone far with the project and currently it’s at the lintel level. We’re going to put additional two blocks on the beam and continue from there. We’re also waiting for the DCE to support us with the specified wood required for the project”, Nana Atta Krofa, said.

“This livelihood enhancement project will go a long way to boost our local economy and I will everything within my power to ensure its successful completion and I must thank ACA partnering with our district assembly to bring this project to our doorstep.”